Roland Scheffers : Goldsmith, jeweler and sculptor

Roland Scheffers comes from a family of artists, his father was a painter and glazier, his brother is also a painter and ceramist. Not surprisingly, at the age of 17 years, he was accepted at the School of Fine Arts, where he was trained by experienced artists such as Fons Paanakker goldsmith, sculptor and artist Albert Meertens and the painter Jef Scheffers.

Already during his training, Roland's work was awarded the Lucas Prize, an award for promising young artists. A year after the academy Roland was employed by Van Kempen and Begeer in Zeist, as an assistant to industrial-designer Gustave Beran.

The Art of Roland Scheffers is characterized by great technical mastery and much of his work is closely related to modern architecture. Apart from private individuals he receives many orders from commercial businesses. Roland's passion for jewelery is contagious. For more than 30 years he was artistic director of the association of amateur goldsmiths "The Crucible" in Eindhoven.

Roland Scheffers exhibits in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany (Nov-Dec 2008 in Berlin). Since his arrival in the Lot, France he receives invitations to exhibit, including 2007 La Maison Jacob Castelnaud-Montratier and 2009 Le Manoir de Rouergou in St. Medard.

In his workshop in Espère (Lot), Roland Scheffers also organizes "workshops" for making jewelry and sculpture and modeling portraits in clay.

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